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if I got a wakeup call and wasn't quite firing on all cylinders just yet.. 3 posts - 3 authors - Last post: 3 days agoThread: William Shatner's wake-up call to the Discovery crew.

william shatner spoken · youtube shatner in love fear of pop. Meet Team PopEater · Celebrity Health and Beauty · PopEater Videos on YouTube. Posted by Youtube user:WilliamShatner. EST wake up call on March 7. William Shatner, the actor who. These have been the voyages of the Space Shuttle Discovery. ideally when you can't just look up and see Earth looking. STS-133 "Star Trek" Wakeup. to be taken to the ENHANCED Inveterate Media Junkies Podcasts on YouTube!. the crew of the Space Shuttle Discovery receive a very special wake up call from William Shatner .

Youtube · Watch our videos. If you haven't heard Bill Shatner's updated Star Trek monologue as the wake up call to the astronauts in the Space Shuttle Discovery here it is. Gabourey Sidibe attends The American Cancer Society's Choose You. William Shatner's Wake Up Call to the Space Shuttle Discovery. Discovery Gets a Special Wake Up Call. YouTube: STS-133 Star Trek Wakeup Call.mp4. Shatner recorded the new, special introduction for Discovery's final. shuttle Discovery during the 3:23 a.m.

the last wake-up calls to the shuttle crew was Shatner as Captain Kirk. Terrified Japanese take to YouTube · Tsunami from Japan quake hits. William Shatner Greeted Your Final Day. William Shatner Gives NASA Astronauts a 'Star Trek' Wake-Up Call . William Shatner provided a special message to the crew of space shuttle Discovery during the 3:23 a.m. a really nice wakeup call! sad to see it being retired. William Shatner gives shuttle Discovery 'Star Trek' wakeup call. The Retroist is like a BBQ on a bun.

Please READ: By posting this comment anonymously, you won't be able to. You can hear and download the raw Air-to-Ground transmissions from the entire. Still not finding what you' re looking for? Drop a comment on a post or contact us so we . What can I say, I love the Shatner. youtube william shatner wakes up disc (4). Astronauts on the Discovery space shuttle got a one-of-a-kind wake-up call. Drop below the cut to hear the entire wake-up playlist for STS 133. Captain Kirk ? errr, I mean William Shatner ? had a message for astronauts aboard the Discovery Space.

youtube - Space Shuttle Discovery's Final Launch. The crew of the Space Shuttle Discovery received a fun and fitting surprise on Monday, March 7th when they . ArmaanGalaxy says: I favorited a YouTube video -- Bill. LAST FEW MOMENTS OF WILLIAM SHATNER'S "DISCOVERY" CREW WAKE-UP CALL. Sort by The Daily What 03/08/2011 - YouTube. William Shatner's Wake up Call to the Space Shuttle Discovery. Topics : bill shatner, nasa. Instead of a wakeup call with some memorable words. Wake-Up Call in Space [VIDEO].

These have been a voyages of a Space Shuttle Discovery. youtube video shows some talented dogs doing more than just. The crew of space shuttle Discovery got a special wake-up call this morning from actor William Shatner of Captain Kirk fame from the TV series Star Trek. As a bonus, actor William Shatner recorded a special introduction to the song: "Space, the final frontier. On Day 12, the wakeup call was a familiar-sounding one to fans of science fiction–but with a. Would you rather hear the calm reasonable voice of HAL saying "I'm. Shatner Gives Shuttle Discovery Crew Wakeup Call As Capt. Shatner recorded the custom introduction for Discovery's final voyage -- its. Good Morning, Discovery Astronauts. Tell us what you think - if you have a comment or suggestions about.

The shuttle Discovery crew got a wakeup call from actor William Shatner. William Shatner, as Star Trek's Kirk, delivers wakeup call for Discovery STS-133 crew [Video Link] William Shatner, who, as everyone reading. From the NASAtelevision on YouTube: William Shatner, the actor who. Trek theme song for the "wakeup call" of the crew of the shuttle Discovery on the. The wakeup call at 2:23 am was Blue Sky by Big Head Todd and the Monsters. Space Shuttle Discovery final wake up call feat. Shatner recorded the new, special introduction for Discovery's final voyage. There are worse ways to wake up.

else was: Shatner does Rocket-Man, spoken-word []. the " wakeup call" of the crew of the shuttle Discovery on the morning of March 7. The crew of space shuttle Discovery got an extra-special wakeup call this. aspires to be the YouTube, Nexflix and Hulu of China. NASA Wake-up Call | STS-121 (.. William Shatner recorded a . space shuttle, star trek, STS-133, wake-up call, william shatner.

Jump to NASA is priming the space shuttle Endeavour for an historic final.‎: If you have to wake up for work. Kirk" Wakes Discovery Crew William Shatner, the actor who played Captain James T.

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