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29 posts - 12 authors - Last post: Feb 13A dealer for the brand tire you have should have the load inflation table in their manuals.

and load- inflation tables provide the values that can be used to set air pressure for. quoted in the following table, depending on the type of tire and on the. 5 posts - 2 authors - Last post: Mar 14, 2006Michelin hid them really good. Technical Info such as tire product data, tire life tips, sidewalls and. LOAD / INFLATION TABLES, pdf, Medium Commercial Truck Radials. We will look at Tire Parameters, Silver Sticker Data, Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings, Original Equipment tTres, Load Inflation Tables and today's most popular. Michelin Load Inflation Tables, or at least the Tire Guide which will also have the industry standard load inflation tables for this tire.

10 posts - 5 authors - Last post: May 2, 2008Tire Load and Inflation Tables CR-V::Performance Pursuits. Click here to view Bridgestone's tire care and technical videos. Meaning: Standard Load Inflation Table (100) & Speed Rating (T); To facilitate proper balancing, most high performance tire manufacturers place laso red. But with persistence you can find them for stock- size tires - 235/85R16E, 265/75R16E, 245/70R17E, 265/70R17E. With large enough tires, the radial tire Load/Inflation chart (Table 1) may allow tire pressures as low as 6 psi. LOAD / INFLATION TABLES }- -{ WHEEL / RIM SAFETY }- -{ FIRESTONE TIRE INFORMATION }-. Doesn't the tractor or tire dealer set the tires to the proper inflation when the tractor or new tires are delivered?.

For RV use only, Michelin displays tire loads per axle end in the load and inflation tables, as we recommend weighing each axle end separately and using the. Tire load/inflation tables are supplied without charge. Load/Inflation Information Tables. Each manufacturer provides load and inflation tables specific to their. Every tire manufacturer publishes load/inflation tables for their products, which provides us with this critical information. Trailer Tire Safety Provides Tire Inflation Tools and Systems. Medium and Commercial Light Truck Tire.

Included within are current tire load/inflation pressure tables for all. Load Reduction of Euro- and P-Metric Tires on Light Trucks. Based on ETRTO Data Note: "Reinforced" tires required 6 PSI added to carry the same. Be certain that you have the correct load/inflation table for the MANUFACTURER of your tire! Different tire manufacturers use different specification!.. See attached load/inflation tables. 4 posts - 4 authors - Last post: Sep 26, 2009Anyone have load/inflation tables? Tire & Wheel. The numbers come from the National Tire and Rim Assn. I printed page 7 and put it in the glovebox.

Use these load and inflation table to help assist in replacing your car. 3 posts - 1 author - Last post: Jul 26, 2010I weighed my 2011 F350 CC short bed on the CAT scale at the truck stop with. Tire Specs Explained: Maximum Inflation Pressure · Tire Specs Explained: Maximum Load. Ideal pressures simply cannot be formulated like that. You can't go by tire size.

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